161 C.K. Beveridge Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

The aim of the Air Cadet Program is to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership; promote physical fitness; and stimulate the interest of youth in the air activities of the Canadian Forces. The Air Cadet motto is "To learn. To serve. To advance." The Air Cadet Organization originated in the early days of World War II when the war effort required young men to meet Canada's military obligations. 161 C.K. Beveridge Squadron was officially founded in September 1942


Each squadron trains one night per week—a parade night—to undertake the local training program. The course of instruction is prescribed by the Director of Cadets and outlined in course training plans distributed to each squadron. In addition to the mandatory weekly training syllabus, there are additional regularly scheduled activities that cadets can participate in optional training.


Throughout the spring and fall approximately 22,000 air cadets participate in familiarization gliding at regional gliding centres located across the country. Each summer, 320 cadets earn a Transport Canada Glider Pilot Licence through the Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship and 250 more earn a Private Pilot licence.


A biathlon competition consists of a race in which contestants ski around a cross-country trail system, and where the total distance is broken up by either two or four shooting rounds, half in prone position, the other half standing. Depending on the shooting performance, extra distance or time is added to the contestant's total running distance/time. As in most races, the contestant with the shortest total time wins.


A cadet band is a group of personnel that performs musical duties for military functions, usually for the Canadian Forces or cadet functions. Our band is a marching percussion ensemble consisting of mallet percussion, snare, tonal bass drums, quad toms, cymbals, and auxiliary percussion with the Drum Major directing the band on parade.

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