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Weekly Update 27 Apr – 3 May 17

27 Apr 17
Capt Phinney, A
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Thanks to all the parents who came out to the meeting last night. It’s great to see support for our cadet activities.

Here are the updates for the week:

6:00 – 7:00 PM – Drill team
7:00 – 9:30 PM – Band practice

1:00 PM – Squadron history restoration – Parents, cadets, sponsors, staff, and alumni are welcome to help with the project. This will take place at the armoury. If you have any squadron photographs or memorabilia from years past, please let us know. This week we will be gluing photos into scrapbooks and labelling.

6:00 PM – Marksmanship, Model Building, RC Flying, and Flight Simulation

6:20 – 9:10 PM – Regular Training – We are switching to summer dress (short sleeved t-shirt) but it still gets cold at night so please bring the inner layer of your parka or tunic

Upcoming Events/Deadlines:
– 5-7 May 17 – Survival Training Exercise (Mandatory training for all cadets)
– 13 May 17 – Irving Nature Park Outing
– 20-22 May 17 – Citizenship trip to Halifax
– 27 May 17 – ACR Preparation Training Day
– 4 Jun 17 – Annual Ceremonial Review Parade (Mandatory for all cadets – parents, guests, and the public are welcome to attend)
– 15-17 Jun 17 – Rib Fest Fund Raiser/Community Service
– 18 Jun 17 – Helicopter Familiarization Flights

Many cadets received offers of participation for summer training courses. Please sign these forms and return to the squadron as soon as possible.

Duke of Edinburgh – Interested cadets were given information and registration forms at an information session last night. The program is open to cadets at least 13 ½. The program complements cadet training well and involves community service, physical fitness, skills, and an adventurous journey. Capt Dickison who works with 1691 Army Cadets will be helping us through the program. Cadets interested in joining must return their form and a $30 registration fee on Sunday evening or next Wednesday. Cadets pay the registration for the book but are refunded if they successfully complete the program. More information about the program can be found at:– PLEASE RETURN PERMISSION SLIPS AND DEPOSIT ON SUNDAY

Note: On Saturday, June 3rd there will be a 75th anniversary reception for all 161 squadron alumni (former cadets, staff, parents, sponsors, or anyone with any affiliation to the squadron). Tickets are $25 and are available from the squadron office or online. Visit our website at to purchase tickets, memorabilia, or find out more information about what is happening at 161. Tickets should be purchased by May 15th. Please pass on this information to anyone you think may be interested.

Reminder: If a cadet cannot make it to a Wednesday night/regular event, the cadet should leave a message on the squadron answering machine 632-3215. Please do not e-mail Capt Phinney or post on facebook. This will ensure the admin o gets the message and can mark the cadet as excused.

For more information check out our facebook page and follow us on Twitter @161aircadets.