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Power Famil Flight (Sun 18 Feb 18) Sign Up

06 Feb 18
Capt Phinney, A
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We have the opportunity to provide some power familiarization flights in the Cessna 172 to our cadets on Sunday, February 18th. This date is dependent on weather and is being coordinated through our Power Familiarization Officer.

We will have a sign up available on Wednesday evening (again weather dependent). Please check to see what time would be best for you. Those cadets that did not get the opportunity to fly in a glider this past September will have first priority. Note that we generally schedule a heavier cadet with two lighter cadets as the total weight of the three cadets cannot exceed 500 lbs. Cadets will show up at the airport for their flight 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Directions to the hanger will be provided once confirmed.

The schedule is as follows:

Questions can be directed to Capt A. Phinney.