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Summer 2020 Virtual CTC

25 Jun 20
Capt Cameron
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RCSU has announced plans to run virtual summer courses! The original message along with an Word document, link at the bottom, with a list of courses, some details and the times they will be offered.

​Good Day,

A major part of the Natl Cdts & JCR Sp Gp Summer 2020 Campaign Plan is engaging our cadets. For the last several weeks, the Sp Gp HQ has been conducting development teams to put together exciting virtual engagement activities for cadets to participate in throughout the summer. Development is just about finished, and the list of available activities is now available for cadets to review. This menu of virtual training opportunities is now being called “Virtual CTC”. Activities range from self-guided online activities to live, facilitated skill challenges that cadets can participate from their homes using personal communication devices.

Please see the attached document for information regarding Virtual CTC activities that will be offered this summer. There will be more information about Virtual CTCs published from Natl Cdts & JCR Sp Gp over the next few days on social media platforms and the CJCR-CRJC App.

Courses/activities will have limited billets and some will be conducted within specific time frames to ensure that activities are well facilitated by Campaign Plan staff, therefore registration is required for cadets to participate. For registration, interested cadets will be able to self-register by sending an email to a positional email address within the RCSU with their intention to sign up for a course. The positional email address will be identified soon and published with additional registration instructions. RCSU staff will complete the registration process in Fortress, so corps and squadrons can track when their cadets have been registered for activities. More detail on this process will be provided as soon as possible.

This info is for widest distribution, please share with your cadets and staff. Cadets should be encouraged to review the list of actiivities and decide what activities they would like to participate in and be ready when registration begins.

It is expected that registration will open on Monday, 29 June.

Further information will be published in the Atlantic Region SharePoint site as it becomes available.