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Wednesday 2-Feb-2022 Virtual Breakout!

31 Jan 22
Capt J Hutchinson
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On Wednesday 2-Feb-2022 We will be doing a Virtual Breakout Room at 1900hrs – Cadets must be logged in by 1845hrs.

Logging in to Virtual Breakout info to be announced

The Cadets listed below are Registered for the Virtual Breakout Room. We will have at least 1, maybe a couple more Breakout Virtual opportunities.

Cadets attending Virtual Breakout:

Wo2 Abujayyab

AC Badaam

Sgt Bauman

Cpl Bauman

Sgt Cameron

AC Campbell

Sgt Campbell

F/Sgt Clark

AC Colwell

AC Cyr

Sgt Kinney

AC Muise-Buck

FCpl Ross

Sgt Robicheau

AC Sabean

AC Scott