Air Cadet Gliding Program.

The Air Cadet Gliding Program is a youth gliding program operated by the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Air Cadet League of Canada for the benefit of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

The program is managed by CF officers (most of whom are CIC officers), and is the largest producer of glider pilots in Canada. Cadets age 16-18 are trained at the five summer Regional Gliding Schools, and about 320 cadets receive their glider pilot licence each year and approximately 250 receive their private pilot licence.

Outside of the Regional Gliding Schools, the local headquarters provide the opportunity for cadets to participate in gliding familiarization flying during the spring and fall — approximately 22000 flights are completed. Senior cadets that have completed the Air Cadet Gliding Program also perform staff duties at glider familiarization flying and at the summer training program.

Glider Pilot Scholarship

The Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS) program is a six-week course with an intensive program of ground school and in-flight glider pilot training. Cadets who successfully complete their flight test and Transport Canada written exam will qualify for a glider pilot licence and be awarded Air Cadet Glider Pilot Wings. The program is also responsible for producing the largest number of glider pilots within Canada. On average, the program produces 320 glider pilots annually. Upon attaining their licences, these pilots join their local headquarters to provide other cadets with glider familiarization flying during the spring and fall seasons.

Cadets in Atlantic Canada all attend the following Regional Gliding School.

Regional Gliding School (Atlantic) – RGS(A) – Debert, NS

Glider Pilot wings





Power Pilot Scholarship

The Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) program is a seven-week course that allows cadets to get their private pilot licence and their Air Cadet Power Pilot Wings. A goal for many cadets within the program is to secure a private pilot licence prior to the age of 19. Cadets who are aged 17–18 apply and are selected to write an exam and interview for the prestigious scholarship. The course provides cadets with both ground school training and in-flight instruction at the various flight centres across Canada. Cadets who have been successful within the program have integrated themselves with commercial airlines, the Canadian Forces, various courier and charter companies, and have also gone on to become instructors at various flight schools. Overall, this opportunity to attain a private pilots’ licence remains as one of the most prestigious and attractive opportunities available within the Air Cadet program.

Cadets in Atlantic Canada all attend one of the following Flight Training Schools.

Moncton Flight Centre – Moncton, NB
Gander Flight Training – Gander, NF

Power Pilot Wings