Summer Training

Selectc-website-picturection Process

Each summer, the squadron has the ability to send a number of cadets to attend summer training. The number of space
s for summer training is limited. The selection process works as follows.

  1. Cadets are informed of what courses are available based on training level and age. Cadets must have completed the training level listed before attending summer training. Cadet may complete a higher level than the level listed. Some advanced courses have other requirements as well. Courses which are generally available include:
Level Course Duration Training Center
1 General Training 2 weeks Greenwood CTC
2 Basic Drill and Ceremonial 3 weeks Greenwood CTC
2 Basic Fitness and Sports 3 weeks Argonaut CTC
2 Basic Survival 3 weeks Greenwood CTC
2 Military Band – Basic Musician 3 weeks HMCS Acadia CTC
2 Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace 3 weeks Greenwood CTC
2 Basic Aviation 3 weeks Greenwood CTC
3 Drill and Ceremonial Instructor 6 weeks Greenwood CTC
3 Fitness and Sports Instructor 6 weeks Argonaut CTC
3 Survival Instructor 6 weeks Greenwood CTC
3 Air Riffle Marksmanship Instructor 6 weeks Argonaut CTC
3 Military Band Intermediate Musician 6 weeks Greenwood CTC or HMCS Acadia
3 Advanced Aviation Technology – Airport Operations 6 weeks Canadore College (ON)
3 Advanced Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance 6 weeks Canadore College (ON)
3 Advanced Aerospace 6 weeks Saint-Jean (QC)
3 Advanced Aviation 3 weeks RGS(A) (Debert, NS)
3 Glider Pilot Scholarship 6 weeks RGS(A) (Debert, NS)
3 Oshkosh Trip 3 weeks USA
3+mus Military Band – Advanced Musician 6 weeks Greenwood CTC
4 Power Pilot Scholarship 7 weeks Moncton/Greenwood/Gander
5 International Air Cadet Exchange 3 weeks International
4 Staff Cadet (Advanced Training) 7 weeks Various
  1. Cadets are then asked to sign up for their top three choices ordered by preference (1, 2, or 3).
  2. The NB/PEI area sends out a message asking the 22 Air Cadet units what courses they need most and the number of spaces requested, as NB/PEI have a limited number of spaces for each course. We send in a list based on interest and number, prioritized based on unit needs.
  3. Applications are now electronic. Based on what courses are selected, each cadet’s application is entered in to a computer program for each of the three courses that they had applied for. Their preference is also listed in the program for each course.
  4. Once they are entered, the squadron staff must prioritize a list of cadets for each individual course. This means that it Johnny, Suzy, and Bob all select Basic Survival as one of their three choices, the staff has to input them in an order (e.g. Suzy (1), Bob (2), and Johnny (3). This would mean that if the squadron is given one space on the Basic Survival Course, Suzy would get the spot. If another position became available at a later date, it would go to Bob. The prioritization of cadets for a course is based on merit (attendance, performance, and potential to successfully complete the course). We generally would not put the same cadet as number one priority for more than one course (unless no one else has applied for the course). This prioritization is not the deciding factor for advanced courses which require interviews and exams.
  5. Based on summer courses that the unit has received in the past (the previous summers) and what the unit had requested, we receive our course allocation letting us know what spaces we have available from the detachment. Sometimes we may not receive a space for a particular course – this is common with more advanced courses.
  6. Based on the information that the staff and cadets provided in the application, the selection board from the Air Training Department at the Regional Cadet Support Unit in Shearwater ultimately decides who is selected for summer training.
  7. Once selections are made, they appear on our computer program. We then advise the cadets that have been chosen to attend the training and they/their parents then decide if they want to take the course or not. If a course is refused, the unit does get first choice on filling the course if they have a cadet that meets the criteria (and gender) because at this point the gender of the cadet matters so that we have a proper bunk for them to stay in. If the unit does not fill the spot it goes back out to the rest of the units that fall under the NB/PEI Area.
  8. Because of this, courses often become available to cadets after the initial announcement of summer training courses. Cadets have been offered positions up to the day before the course begins.

Note: It is unfortunate but not all cadets are able to attend summer training each year. Each unit has the same number problem that we have as the CTCs for the air program are not big enough to hold as many cadets as the army and sea cadet CTCs. There are also more air cadets than sea or army cadets.