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More information for Nov 17th-18th 2018

16 Nov 18
Capt Cameron
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Saturday: Band practice 1200 – 1500 at the Armouries. This will make up for the lack of a practice on Friday and allow extra practice for the parade.

Santa Clause Parade: The staging area has been moved to Crown St, so we will be meeting at the parking lot of Shopper Drug Mart instead of the Telegraph Journal. We are also changing the arrival time to 5pm. NOTE: The intersection of Crown St and Union St will likely already be blocked off, so you will have to come off Rothesay Ave/City Rd.
Remember to dress warm and bring a Santa Hat. Cadets may wear civilian coats over their uniform if they do not have a parka.


Sunday: Biathlon team will now be having practice on Sunday evening from 1800-2100, along with Marksmanship and Flight Sim.