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Training Cancelled – Friday November 20th

20 Nov 20
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We are going to cancel our regular training for tonight, Friday November 20th and optional training for Sunday November 22nd as a precaution with the current increase in reported cases in the Saint John region. We will update everyone on when regular in-person training is able to resume.
We will look at contacting each family to ensure we are able to deliver virtual training with Microsoft Teams and that all cadets are able to access it. A virtual training schedule will be posted as soon as we have it ready and instructors are ready to teach.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via Facebook.

Virtual Remembrance Day with 161

10 Nov 20
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Tomorrow marks another Remembrance Day, and this year we will not be parading in person. We have been given permission to share the live stream from the ceremony in Grand Bay-Westfield that will be streamed by the Royal Canadian Legion branch #22. A Teams meeting will be scheduled for all cadets and staff to participate if they wish, or you can watch on your own at the branch’s Facebook page,

The service is expected to start around 10:30am.

Remembrance Day: the symbolism of the poppy flower | Canadian Immigrant

Upcoming in Oct. 2020

06 Oct 20
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Here is a list of currently planned events for October, now that we have the all clear to commence training. Remember that this situation can change at any time and we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Reminder: All cadets must bring their annual validation forms before they can participate in any activities this year. All existing cadets were mailed the forms, please bring them with you on the first night back. You will not be permitted in the Armouries without them. If you were sent a detailed health questionnaire, they need to be returned on or before Oct 23rd.

Friday October 9th at 1800-2030 – Level 4 and 5 training at the Armouries. Dress is civilian clothing.
Wednesday October 14th at 1830-2030 – Levels 2 -5 Online training. See notes below.
Friday October 16th at 1800-2030 – All levels training at he Armouries. Dress is uniform with Summer Dress. New cadets are welcome to come get paper work, but will not be allowed to stay. New recruits will be directed to the portable trailer to get their paperwork.
Sunday October 18th at 0900-1600 – Level 4 and 5 training at the Armouries. Dress is civilian clothing and lunch will be provided.
Wednesday October 21st at 1830-2030 – Levels 2 -5 Online training.
Friday October 23rd at 1800-2030 – All levels training at he Armouries. Dress is uniform with Summer Dress.

NOTE: All cadets and parents will receive a letter or email with more information about setting up your Microsoft Account for Teams (virtual training), email and more. If we do not have your correct or updated personal email address, please provide it on the annual validation form or contact the squadron on Facebook. Our first night of virtual training will mostly focus on making sure everyone can get online, introduce themselves and get used to the online learning environment.

All parents, cadets, staff will always be required to wear masks when on the Armouries property (except in your vehicles).
Parents will not be permitted to enter the Armoury. We have a hard limit to the number of personal that can be in the building and want to make sure that as many as possible of those spots are for the cadets. If you need to speak to a staff member, please call the office and someone will meet you in the parking lot.
Cadets will have to line up and enter the building 1 at a time, social distancing must be maintained while lined up. Cadets will also have to sign in and out each night.

Remember, our first priority will be safety and being able to train in a safe and comfortable environment. Our training this year may be different from the previous ones, but we can still have fun and learn at the same time.

Welcome Back 2020 Update

29 Sep 20
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We will soon be starting back up, but there will be a few changes this year. We have to delay our in-person start date a few more weeks, we’ll let you know as soon as we have a firm date, but in the meantime, we’d love to see everyone virtually. We have partnered with Microsoft to allow us to do this as of today. All cadets and staff have been setup with an Office 365 account which gives us all the Office suite tools online along with Microsoft Teams. We will be distributing a guide to parents and cadets this week, starting with our levels 4’s and 5’s, followed by the 3’s and 2’s. If you need assistance getting setup in Teams, please contact us on Facebook and we will assist you with getting setup.

There is some new protocol this year, and we want to get ahead of it. All cadets and parents will be required to take the Covid Awareness course before we start back up, and we are trusting you to complete this. There are 2 ways to complete this:
                – Link to Covid Course PowerPoint

                – Link to CCO Extra net

  • Select the Cadet/Parent/Guardian login link
  • Create an account if you do not have one
  • Once you have logged in, there will be an option to take the Covid Awareness course

Here is a handy Aide Memoire for your reference.

All parents, cadets, staff will always be required to wear masks when on the Armouries property (except in your vehicles).
Parents will not be permitted to enter the Armoury. We have a hard limit to the number of personal that can be in the building and want to make sure that as many as possible of those spots are for the cadets. If you need to speak to a staff member, please call the office and someone will meet you in the parking lot.
Cadets will have to line up and enter the building 1 at a time, social distancing must be maintained while lined up. Cadets will also have to sign in and out each night.

Some upcoming events:
Friday October 2nd at 2000 – Teams meeting for staff and level 4 and 5 cadets
Friday October 9th at 1900 – Teams meeting/training for all cadets and staff.

Remember, our first priority will be safety and being able to train in a safe and comfortable environment. Our training this year may be different from the previous ones, but we can still have fun and learn at the same time.

2020-2021 Training Year Information

20 Aug 20
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Letter to Cadets, Parents, Guardians and Staff

The safety and security of all who participate in the Cadet Program is always one of our top priorities. It is assumed that the COVID-19 pandemic could last 18 months or longer. This virus will likely return in multiple waves and continue to pose a threat to the Canadian Public. A return to normalcy is not forecasted any time soon, and we need to prepare for a new normal.

Therefore, that is why, the Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group has made the decision to delay the start-up of limited in-person cadet activities until at least 1 October, 2020. This was not an easy decision, nor was it made in isolation. It ensures that we have proper measures in place for the safety and security of everyone
who participates in our programs and will ensure that the Cadet and JCR programs do not become a vector to spread the COVID-19 virus.

In the month of September, you can expect that we will reach out to you with information about the fall. We are expecting virtual activities to resume in September until such time that limited in-person training can be authorized. For your information, we have enclosed some key highlights with information for 2020-2021 training year.

Although the fall of 2020 will not roll out the same way it has in years before, we remain committed to ensuring that the Cadet Program continues to provide unique experiences for youth within our community. Should you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to reach
out to us.

Key Highlights for the 2020 Training year.

Update for in-person activities

a. No in-person training/events/activities are to commence prior to 1 Oct 20. Virtual engagement may commence on 1 Sep 20 while preparations for in-person gatherings are underway.
b. Facility and event checklists will need to be filled out by corps/squadron COs for approval by the Chain of command prior to allowing limited in-person activities for parade nights and subsequent activities.
c. Virtual CTC completed Friday 14 Aug 2020 We will be gathering lessons
learned to apply to the upcoming cadet year.


a. 1-30 Sep preparations may include staff meetings at the parade location (adults only) provided Public Health Measures (PHM) are adhered to.


a. No in-person fundraising activities involving cadets and adult staff are authorized until further notice.

When training resumes

a. Cadets and adult staff (CAF, CIs and volunteers) must inform their chain of command if they have been tested for COVID-19 and also the results.
b. When the time comes for in person activities, non-medical masks (NMMs) will be provided by the CAF to all cadets and staff; however, in the interim, cadets and staff may use personally procured NMMs if they have them.
c. Wearing of non-medical masks during in-person activities will be dependent on the local situation (e.g., school board direction, Provincial / Municipal regulations), ensuring 2m physical distancing. Additional direction may follow prior to 1 Oct 2020.
d. If COVID awareness training is required for all occupants to enter a facility (i.e. an armoury), cadets will individually complete our online COVID training course and advise their corps/sqn staff of completion, prior to entering the facility.
e. Previous direction regarding international cadet training/events remains extant. Given the state of COVID and global projections, no international cadet training/events will occur prior to 1 Sep 21; this includes all Exchanges (i.e. ISCA, IACE, Maple Leaf, etc.).
f. Inter-provincial/territorial travel is limited to program participants who reside within one hour of a provincial/territorial border and must cross it in order to attend regular parade nights or other approved day only training activities. There will be no commercial air travel. Ground transport must be arranged and carried out in a manner that ensures 2 metre distancing between passengers, with appropriate cleaning protocol. Self-travel for any cadet activities is limited to within 1 hour of the parade location in order to maximize parental drop off / pick up of their child. Exception to the 1 hour limitation will be approved by the RCSU CO.
g. No overnight travel is authorized until further notice. This means, for example, day only field exercises and no recreational trips outside the 1-hour driving limitations.
h. We are planning for day camps during the spring break 2021 period across Canada. Looking at up to approximately 6,000 cadets getting the opportunity and parents dropping them off and picking them up. We are exploring the use of local armouries, facilities with the focus being on safe, fun and exciting activities for the cadets.

Subsequent updates

a. Subsequent direction will follow but not before 1 Nov 2020 in regards to CTCs for Summer 2021.

Update – Power Pilot Training Course (PPTC) and Glider Pilot Training Course (GPTC)

a. The decision to conduct the PPTC and GPTC will be made by Comd Natl CJCR Sp Gp in the Nov/Dec 2020 timeframe.
b. Note: Force generation of glider instructors will need to be the first priority to ensure viability of the glider program in the future.
c. There is a plan to have a selection process for both GPTC and PPTC this training year.
d. PPTC and GPTC could resume, conditions permitting, during summer 2021, but there are no guarantees that approval will be given to conduct these courses given COVID-19.
e. Additionally, cadet familiarization flying (power and glider), could also resume, conditions permitting, but no earlier than summer 2021.

For new cadets, or those interesting in joining

You can now sign up online at the link below, and your information will be automatically forwarded to us, speeding up the enrollment and letting you get involved earlier.

Field Training Uniforms for Cadets.

06 Aug 20
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We are still missing measurements for some cadets, if you haven’t yet sent your measurements, please do so as soon as possible my messaging the unit on Facebook or emailing them to
Below is a guide to measuring your cadet for the new field training uniforms. NOTE: We only need measurements for cadets already enrolled, if your child is planning to join in September, we will measure them for you then.

Summer 2020 Virtual CTC Registration Information

27 Jun 20
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Registration for the Summer 2020 Virtual CTC courses will commence at 1200 ADT // 1230 NDT on Monday 29 Jun.

Registration will be by e-mail to VCTCRegistrationAtlantic@cadets.gc.caRegistration e-mails received before the 1200 ADT // 1230 NLT 29 Jun will not be actioned.

Cadets must provide all the following information in their request for registration email in order for RCSU staff to identify them correctly, verify their contact information, and register them in the proper serial. E-mails that do not contain all of the required information will not be actioned.  Use this bullet point format in the body of the e-mail to ensure all the required information is provided.

·         Last Name

·         First Name

·         Corps/Sqn number

·         Corps/Sqn element

·         Name of their #1 course choice & serial,  (eg. 1st Choice – Cadet Cyber Training Course – Standard – Serial 2)

·         Name of their #2 course choice & serial,

·         Name of their #3 course choice & serial

·         Preferred language of training

·         Phone number **

·         Email address **

·         *And if registering for a music course, the instrument played is also required

** Please note, Cadets will be provided a Microsoft 365 account to connect to the VCTC’s and access the online training content. The accounts will be created using the e-mail and phone number provided, therefore these contacts must be correct, and the cadet must be able to access these.

Using the above information, RCSU(A) staff will complete the registration of cadets to VCTC courses. 

Billet allocations for each course have been divided between the three Atlantic Region Areas based on population.  All billets are open to all elements, and available to cadets who meet the target age.  It is the responsibility of the cadet to meet the requirements listed for each course, such as internet connection, computer or other devices.  Refer to the course schedule for the details for each course.

Cadets will be registered to courses by RCSU(A) staff using the following procedure:

·         E-mails containing all the required information will be actioned in the order received.

·         RCSU(A) J5 will verify the cadet information in the e-mail against the cadet’s Fortress file and add or correct the cadet’s e-mail and phone contact as required.

·         RCSU(A) J5 will load the cadet to the 1st choice course if the cadet meets the target age and a billet is available.

·         If a billet is not available for the cadet’s 1st choice they will attempt to register the cadet for their 2nd choice or 3rd choice as available. If no billet is available for any of the cadet’s 3 choices, RCSU(A) J5 will identify available course choices to the cadet by e-mail. The cadet must respond with new choices, and RCSU(A) J5 will repeat the process on receipt of the e-mail.

·         RCSU(A) J5 will adjust the remaining number of billets for that course for the corresponding RCSU(A) Area.

·         When all e-mails have been actioned for the 1st available choice, RCSU(A) J5 will go through the registration e-mails in the same order and attempt to register each cadet for a second course.

·         This process will repeat until the billets are exhausted.

Corps/Sqn staff can monitor Fortress to see if/when their cadets have been successfully registered to a course.

Once registered, cadets will be contacted by VCTC staff about the course, logging into their Microsoft 365 account and participating in course activities.

Summer 2020 Virtual CTC

25 Jun 20
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RCSU has announced plans to run virtual summer courses! The original message along with an Word document, link at the bottom, with a list of courses, some details and the times they will be offered.

​Good Day,

A major part of the Natl Cdts & JCR Sp Gp Summer 2020 Campaign Plan is engaging our cadets. For the last several weeks, the Sp Gp HQ has been conducting development teams to put together exciting virtual engagement activities for cadets to participate in throughout the summer. Development is just about finished, and the list of available activities is now available for cadets to review. This menu of virtual training opportunities is now being called “Virtual CTC”. Activities range from self-guided online activities to live, facilitated skill challenges that cadets can participate from their homes using personal communication devices.

Please see the attached document for information regarding Virtual CTC activities that will be offered this summer. There will be more information about Virtual CTCs published from Natl Cdts & JCR Sp Gp over the next few days on social media platforms and the CJCR-CRJC App.

Courses/activities will have limited billets and some will be conducted within specific time frames to ensure that activities are well facilitated by Campaign Plan staff, therefore registration is required for cadets to participate. For registration, interested cadets will be able to self-register by sending an email to a positional email address within the RCSU with their intention to sign up for a course. The positional email address will be identified soon and published with additional registration instructions. RCSU staff will complete the registration process in Fortress, so corps and squadrons can track when their cadets have been registered for activities. More detail on this process will be provided as soon as possible.

This info is for widest distribution, please share with your cadets and staff. Cadets should be encouraged to review the list of actiivities and decide what activities they would like to participate in and be ready when registration begins.

It is expected that registration will open on Monday, 29 June.

Further information will be published in the Atlantic Region SharePoint site as it becomes available.

Atlantic Cadets Virtual Fitness Challenge

25 Jun 20
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This is from RCSU and open to all Cadets, Staff, Parents and others involved with the Cadet program. See the original email below.

The Atlantic Cadets Virtual Fitness Challenge is a scheme designed to encourage fitness and engagement. It is open to everyone associated with the CCO in Atlantic Canada – Cadets, CAF members, Civilian Employees, CI’s and CV’s, parents and league / sponsoring organization members. It is designed to be self-paced and honour-based.

Although targeted at our Corps and Squadrons, I have built in the ability for RCSU(A)’s sections to compete against one another for friendly bragging rights. So far, J3 Regional Training and J3 NL Area have been actively involved and we’d love to see other sections jump in and get involved as well!

Here’s how to participate:

1.            Choose an activity from the list below and get active. If you are doing something that isn’t on the list that gets you moving – pick something similar. An activity does not have to be a sport or an exercise – mowing your lawn or going for a walk counts:

Aerobic Classes00:10:001
Cross-country Skiing1.50:00:001
Cross-country Skiing Machine1.50:00:001
Cycling & Stationary Cycling30:07:001
Hiking (hills or with a pack)1.5 1
Jogging / Running10:00:001
Martial Arts00:07:001
Other cardio-based activity 0:07:001
Physical Work 0:30:001
Rope Skipping00:07:001
Rowing (canoeing/ kayaking)0.50:07:001
Sailing (small dinghy) 0:15:001
Skating (ice and roller)1.50:00:001
Skiing & Elliptical Trainer1.50:00:001
Stair Climbing00:07:001
Stationary Rowing0.50:07:001

2.            Calculate your points. For example – a 5 km run is good for 5 points, a 30 minute aerobic workout would be 3 points and 21 minutes on a bike would be 3 points. A minimum of one point per exercise session must be obtained before the points can be recorded. Points may be accumulated by participation in one or any combination of the activities listed but would have to be logged separately. A calculator is available at the following link to help with this (you will need a Google account to use it online or you can download it to your PC and open it in excel):

3.            Record your points using the form at the following link. Be sure to enter your first and last name the same way each time so you get credit for all of your points. You can record your points for any day back to beginning of the current month. Once you have entered your information once, you can use “I have entered data previously” to shorten the data entry process:

4.            A leader board is published based on the entries for the previous day each morning on the Challenge’s Facebook Group at the following link. Weekly and monthly summaries will be published on Fridays and on the 1 first day of each month. There will also be daily challenges for bonus points posted from time to times as well:

5.            For CAF Members, the points structure is based on the Canadian Armed Forces Physical Fitness Award of Aerobic Excellence Program. If you are looking for a longer term challenge, check that out:,achievement%20(I%20to%20VII).

Looking forward to seeing you participate! 

Year end Celebration change

23 Jun 20
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We have decided to change our year end celebration to a recorded message instead of doing a live meeting. This will allow more of our cadet family and friends to view at their leisure. We will be posting our video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel on Sunday June 28th.

Thank you for a great training year, and stay tuned for September, we have some great ideas in the works.