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Weekly Break Reminder 2019

08 Mar 19
Capt Cameron
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Tonight: No Band or Drill Team.

Sunday: Marksmanship Practice 1800-2100, only those who were advised to attend by Capt. Hutchinson are to be there, other optional training activities will not be taking place.
Effective Speaking: 1800-2100, for the 6 cadets taking part, the order below are your times. if you cannot make it or want to cancel, message the squadron on Facebook. (We can work on alternate timings also)
– Abujayyab, Sn: 1830
– Finnigan: 1850
– Gaudet: 1910
– Eldridge: 1930
– Cunningham, L: 1950
– Buck: 2010
You do not have to wear your uniform for this event.

Wednesday: Effective Speaking with 527. We will be holding the effective speaking competition with 527 at Simonds High School, not the Armouries. Dress for all cadets is T-shirt, those who are speaking must wear shirt and tie. Drop off and pick up is at the door near the pool and football field (NOTE: It is a one-way street).

Please bring back your league ticket money into Mrs. Poirier once you have sold your tickets, and she can get you more.

Upcoming events:
– 16 Mar 19: Zone Marksmanship competition at HMCS Brunswicker 0800-1600
– June Ottawa Trip: Bring your signed permission and contact forms back. We need these bey end of training on March 27th.

For more information on events visit our website:

Reminder: If a cadet cannot make it to a Wednesday night/regular event, the cadet should leave a message on the squadron answering machine 632-3215. Please do not e-mail Capt Meunier or post on Facebook. This will ensure the Admin O gets the message and can mark the cadet as excused.

For more information check out our our facebook page and follow us on Twitter @161aircadets.