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Weekly Update Oct 31-Nov 6 19

31 Oct 19
Capt Cameron
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Here is the weekly update, and happy Halloween.

Friday: No Band or Drill team. Band see below info regarding travel and kit.
Cadets may travel in civilian clothing if they wish, but encouraged to travel in uniform so that you can make sure all uniform parts are present, and limit what needs to be packed.

Friday 1 Nov 19
1800 hrs – Pick-up cadets (527 & 161 RCACS) at Barrack Green Armoury 60 Broadview Ave Saint John, NB
2100 hrs – Drop off cadets at George Street Armoury George Street Miramichi, NB
BUS ESCORT: Capt Kerry Costain

Sunday 3 Nov 19
1500 hrs – Pick-up cadets at George Street Armoury George Street Miramichi, NB
1800 hrs – Drop off cadets (161 & 527) at Barrack Green Armoury 60 Broadview Ave Saint John, NB

Important Information:

Training will take place at the George Street Armoury in Miramichi. Timings will be 0845 – 1600 hrs on Saturday, 2 Nov 19 and 0830 -1500 hrs on Sunday, 3 Nov 19. Dress will be C3E (t-shirt and tunic) for cadets (staff cadets may wear shirt/tie or gun shirt in place of the t-shirt) and 3C for military members on Saturday and civilian clothing on Sunday.

Escorts will be responsible for supervising the cadets on Saturday evening and ensuring activities are available. There will be staff cadets onsite to assist. You could suggest your cadets bring movies or board games. Sports can also be an option.

Kit List:

  • Uniform with cadet parka (civilian jacket if cadet has no parka)
  • Appropriate civilian clothing and footwear
  • Toiletries
  • Towel/facecloth
  • Shower sandals
  • Sleeping bag (cadets will be sleeping on the armoury floor)
  • Pillow
  • Musical instrument
  • Music folder/pencil
  • Required medications

Saturday: PO513 Workshops for level 5 cadets. You should arrive at HMCS Brunswicker for 0745 and plan to be there until 1600. Dress is Shirt, Tie and Tunic. Lunch will be provided.

Sunday: Biathlon, Marksmanship and Flight Sim from 1800-2100.
Ground Search and Rescue info below, cadets are expected to arrive between 0830 and 0900. The event should end around 1300, and lunch will be provided. The event is taking place at the Wells Recreation Park, 75 French Village Rd. See Google maps.

The following items are required for the cadets and staff that will be part of the Field Teams: Personal clothing / items:
– Waterproof boots or hiking boots with ankle support (NO running shoes or rubber boots)
– Pants that cover all of the leg (NO shorts).
– Long sleeved shirt  Waterproof jacket
– A pair of gloves
– Hat or baseball cap
– Small back pack
– Water Bottle

1. If possible, cadets are asked to wear bright colour clothing.
2. If possible, clothing items should be light and tear resistant.
3. For SAFETY reasons, members or cadets will not be allowed to be field deployed if their clothing is not adequate. Some positions are not field deployable.

Monday: Flying Scholarship from 1830-2030 at Simonds High School.

Wednesday: Regular Training. Dress is t-shirt. We are now in winter dress, which means all cadets should have a coat, regardless of the temperature outside.

Poppy campaign: Thank you to everyone who signed up, remember to show up for your shift.

Annual validation forms went home recently, be sure to have them updated and returned as soon as possible. Any new cadets should try to have their paperwork, including birth certificate, provincial health card, or other required ID brought in as soon as possible to avoid missing any training or trips.

Upcoming Events:
– 11 Nov 19: Remembrance Day @ River Valley Middle School
– 16 Nov 19: Zone biathlon @ Elmhurst Outdoors.
– 16 Nov 19: Saint John Santa Clause Parade. More details will be posted shortly
– 17 Nov 19: 403 Squadron tour, all cadets are welcome to attend.
– 18 Dec 19: Squadron Holiday Mess Dinner. This will take place at the Legion on the west side. Dress for cadets is uniform, with a white shirt and black bow tie. We have black bow ties available in supply for $10.

Reminder: If a cadet cannot make it to a Wednesday night/regular event, the cadet should leave a message on the squadron answering machine 632-3215. Please do not e-mail Capt Meunier or post on Facebook. This will ensure the Admin O gets the message and can mark the cadet as excused.

For more information check out our our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @161aircadets.