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Weekly Update Jan 30 – Feb 5 20

30 Jan 20
Capt Cameron
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Here is the weekly update

Friday: No training for band or drill team. Band members are encouraged to practice, as the competition is at the end of March.
Our Biathlon team, 3 volunteer cadets and 1 cadet coach will be departing from the Lancaster Mall at 8am and returning on Sunday evening. Good luck to our athletes this weekend!

Sunday: Marksmanship/Recreational Shooting, Flight sim and model building from 1800-2100

Wednesday: CO’s parade. Dress is dress shirt, tie, tunic with ribbons. Wear a warm winter coat, it is cold out this time of year.

League Tickets: All cadets were given Air Cadet League tickets. These are an important fund raiser for us. Return your money as soon as all tickets are sold, and if you need more, see any member of the sponsoring committee. These are due back before March 11th.

Summer Courses: Any cadets interesting in going to a summer course, please sign up on the forms on the bulletin board. If picking multiple activities, indicate your preference.

Effective Speaking: Sign up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board with this years topics. If you are interested in speaking, please sign up. We will hold unit level speaking on February 26thy and the zone competition against 527 will be in early March.

Upcoming Events:
– 31 Jan-2 Feb 20: Provincial Biathlon
– 22 Feb 20: Senior Cadet Leadership Day
– 7 Mar 20: Tri-Service sports competition
– 21 Mar 20: F/Cpl Gabriel Comeau Memorial Cup
– 28 Mar 20: Band and Drill competition* Date pending approval

Reminder: If a cadet cannot make it to a Wednesday night/regular event, the cadet should leave a message on the squadron answering machine 632-3215. Please do not e-mail Capt Meunier or post on Facebook. This will ensure the Admin O gets the message and can mark the cadet as excused.

For more information check out our our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @161aircadets.