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$1,000 Educational Busry for Post-Secondary Education

30 Mar 22
Capt J Hutchinson
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CAF colleagues of the Gagetown South Cadet Units, please see attached the announcement of the RUSI-NB Inc’s $1,000 educational bursary for post-secondary education studies and training.
This bursary is open to Cadets as well as Reservists from the south region.
RUSI-NB would appreciate your sharing news of this bursary with your cadets and reminding them, please, of these facts:

  • there is no application form
  • applicants need to write a letter of application
  • the applicant should explain how she/he meets the various criteria cited on the announcement
  • the deadline is 30, April, 2022
  • the letter of application can be sent via email to the email address shown OR by hard copy via Canada Post to the mailing address shown on announcement.
    On behalf of RUSI-NB, I thank you for your assistance in spreading the word about this bursary, and we thank you all for your service.

C.M.G. Robertson, O.N.B.
HCol, 37 Signal Regiment
Past President of RUSI-NB Inc.