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FINAL PARADE – Wednesday – 1-Jun-2022

26 May 22
Capt J Hutchinson
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This will be our last Wednesday night before we break for summer. We will be presenting awards and graduation certificates that evening.

We have received permission for each cadet to have 2 guests (parents/family) attend if they wish. Please bring your own chairs.

Please note:

MASKS are manditory at all times for everyone.

Maximum of 2 guests per cadet.

DO NOT attend if you have COVID or are ill.

You are invited to the Drill Floor for the duration of the Parade. Cadets can leave with their Parents/Family when the Parade is complete. We are not permitted to mingle.

We will do the presentations at the beginning of the night and I expect they will take about 45 minutes.

Cadets are to arrive no later than 1830hrs . Parade will start at 1900hrs.

We are very excited about this step forward, and look forward to seeing some parents again.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Any questions please contact us through the Squadron Facebook Messenger or my emailing Lt Hutchinson at