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Training Update

03 Nov 22
Capt J Hutchinson
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Friday 4-Nov-2022 – BAND 1900-2100hrs

Sunday 6-Nov-2022 Marksmanship & Biathlon 1800-2100hrs

Wednesday 9-Nov-2022 Regular Training 1815-2115hrs

Friday 11-Nov-2022 Rememberance Day Ceremony in Grand Bay-Westfield-Details TBA

Sunday 13-Nov-2022 – 1 Day FTX Rockwood Park – Peacock Lane, Saint John – Details TBA

Please be sure to bring a WATER BOTTLE to cadet activities – the Armouries has bottle filling stations

Please find the updated below Poppy Schedule. There are still a few spots available. It is important that each cadet fills at least one shift, as this is part of our fundraising for the year.

Some parents from Grand Bay-Westfield Area are interested in creating a car pool to cadet training activities. If you are interested please reach out through our 161 Facebook messenger or email so we can pass along your information to the interested parents.