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Atlantic Cadets Virtual Fitness Challenge

25 Jun 20
Capt Cameron
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This is from RCSU and open to all Cadets, Staff, Parents and others involved with the Cadet program. See the original email below.

The Atlantic Cadets Virtual Fitness Challenge is a scheme designed to encourage fitness and engagement. It is open to everyone associated with the CCO in Atlantic Canada – Cadets, CAF members, Civilian Employees, CI’s and CV’s, parents and league / sponsoring organization members. It is designed to be self-paced and honour-based.

Although targeted at our Corps and Squadrons, I have built in the ability for RCSU(A)’s sections to compete against one another for friendly bragging rights. So far, J3 Regional Training and J3 NL Area have been actively involved and we’d love to see other sections jump in and get involved as well!

Here’s how to participate:

1.            Choose an activity from the list below and get active. If you are doing something that isn’t on the list that gets you moving – pick something similar. An activity does not have to be a sport or an exercise – mowing your lawn or going for a walk counts:

Aerobic Classes00:10:001
Cross-country Skiing1.50:00:001
Cross-country Skiing Machine1.50:00:001
Cycling & Stationary Cycling30:07:001
Hiking (hills or with a pack)1.5 1
Jogging / Running10:00:001
Martial Arts00:07:001
Other cardio-based activity 0:07:001
Physical Work 0:30:001
Rope Skipping00:07:001
Rowing (canoeing/ kayaking)0.50:07:001
Sailing (small dinghy) 0:15:001
Skating (ice and roller)1.50:00:001
Skiing & Elliptical Trainer1.50:00:001
Stair Climbing00:07:001
Stationary Rowing0.50:07:001

2.            Calculate your points. For example – a 5 km run is good for 5 points, a 30 minute aerobic workout would be 3 points and 21 minutes on a bike would be 3 points. A minimum of one point per exercise session must be obtained before the points can be recorded. Points may be accumulated by participation in one or any combination of the activities listed but would have to be logged separately. A calculator is available at the following link to help with this (you will need a Google account to use it online or you can download it to your PC and open it in excel):

3.            Record your points using the form at the following link. Be sure to enter your first and last name the same way each time so you get credit for all of your points. You can record your points for any day back to beginning of the current month. Once you have entered your information once, you can use “I have entered data previously” to shorten the data entry process:

4.            A leader board is published based on the entries for the previous day each morning on the Challenge’s Facebook Group at the following link. Weekly and monthly summaries will be published on Fridays and on the 1 first day of each month. There will also be daily challenges for bonus points posted from time to times as well:

5.            For CAF Members, the points structure is based on the Canadian Armed Forces Physical Fitness Award of Aerobic Excellence Program. If you are looking for a longer term challenge, check that out:,achievement%20(I%20to%20VII).

Looking forward to seeing you participate!